The Crèdit Andorrà Group, the principal financial institution in the principality, has been Creand since yesterday, the new brand that encompasses all the subsidiaries and the bank in Andorra. The brand, which its foreign divisions have already used since 2021, was presented on Thursday and came into force yesterday. Creand opens a new stage maintaining the essence of the group and reinforcing the values ​​of service, innovation, proximity, social commitment and pioneering spirit in the sector.

With the implementation of the brand in all the banks of the group, the process begun two years ago is culminated. The entity that operates in Andorra had been under the name of Crèdit Andorrà for more than 70 years. Thus, the bank will become Creand Crèdit Andorrà, the manager will be Creand Asset Management, the insurer Creand Assegurances Estalvi and the foundation will be Creand Fundació. The subsidiaries that operate in Spain, Luxembourg and the United States are grouped under the name of Creand Wealth Management.

This change represents a step forward for the financial group, both nationally and internationally. Brand unification increases synergies in the different financial markets where the group is present, increases awareness and fosters a feeling of belonging.

With 900 employees around the world, Creand intends to continue having the customer at the center of its activity, but to achieve this it will promote three strategic lines of action. In the first place, it will accelerate the development of alliances to expand the value offer and the profitability of its business areas. Next, it will focus the action on digital transformation and innovation as a tool to obtain better customer service, and, thirdly, it will continue with the line of specialization of products and services to be more different and achieve greater added value.

The CEO of Creand Crèdit Andorrà, Xavier Cornella, pointed out at the brand presentation ceremony that “Creand transmits our values ​​of empathy, proximity and service capacity to our clients, of being pioneers, and also brings us closer to our economy, of which they are a part, based on innovation and entrepreneurship”.

The first executive of the banking group indicated that, in his opinion, “this new sign of identity allows us to open a new stage with more strength and commitment”. Cornella added that “we want to project our essence and history into the future, to progress and create opportunities for the benefit of customers and society.”

Antoni Pintat, president of Creand, highlighted the concepts that synthesize the motto of the new brand: Creure, Crear, Creand. “We have always felt more than a bank, and for this reason we have become the benchmark financial institution in the principality. Actually, we have already done what is now highlighted with the new brand, because we have created wealth, we have believed in this country”. For Pintat, “many clients believe in us and we believe in their projects and capabilities”.

The creative process of the new brand is the work of publicist Toni Segarra, also present at the presentation ceremony, which took place at the Andorra Park Hotel in Andorra la Vella. Segarra has an enviable resume and according to Forbes magazine he has been one of the 25 most influential people in Spain and is considered the best Spanish creative of the 20th century.

Throughout the weekend, the change of signage will take place at the group’s offices and headquarters, which will also reach all the services of the web pages and online banking.