The Illustrious Bar Association of Mataró (Maresme) ICAMAT, is the first to agree with the academic world of the University, in this case the Pompeu Fabra, an agreement for the surgical study of topics in the field of the Duty Shift, with the so that certain cases that have special interest or legal-social complexity are admitted to a working group with students.

The Legal Clinic of the Pompeu Fabra University is a solidarity learning initiative promoted by the Faculty of Law of the UPF that aims to make the legal research of the UPC and the professional experience of prestigious lawyers available to vulnerable people or groups. always free of charge.

The working groups are made up of a lawyer who is an expert on the subject who provides pro bono defense (tratuita) or is from the Official Shift who defends a person who enjoys the benefits of free justice, a professor with a doctorate in Law and several students of the last Degree in Law or the Master of access to the Legal Profession. The lawyer is the one who directs the matter designated free of charge by the Official Shift. An initiative that, according to María Pastor, dean of ICAMAT, seeks “excellence in this public service.”

The Legal Clinic is not a law firm and the UPF does not institutionally provide any legal services. The lawyers who collaborate with the Clinic do so on an individual basis and under their personal responsibility.

For its part, the ICAMAT is the bar association that, among other services to citizens, has a free Legal Orientation Service for users and coordinates the Office Shift in its district.