The Júcar Hydrographic Confederation (CHJ) has defended that it has sent 50 cubic hectometers of water to the Albufera Natural Park, and attributes to the Generalitat the responsibility of establishing direct pipelines that connect the rivers with the lake.

This was stated this Monday by the president of the CHJ, Miguel Polo Cebellán, in a press conference held at the headquarters of the Confederation to clarify the contribution of funds to the Albufera, after the Consell has accused the Government lying about the data.

Polo has highlighted that although it is positioned as “the ogre of the Albufera”, this institution has allocated 50 hm3 of water in the current hydrological year, compared to the 34 planned through the Acequia Real and the Júcar and the Turia.

The problem, he pointed out, is that at the moment it is “difficult”, if not “impossible”, to measure how much water reaches the lake, because there are no direct pipes from the rivers, and the contributions must be made through the irrigation ditches.

In any case, he has pointed out that applying “the Aristotelian logic of the syllogism, if the ditches flow into the lake and more water is put into the ditches than is demanded by the irrigators, then all that demand must reach the lake.”

The president of the CHJ is sure that the water has reached the lake, but to prevent controversy from arising year after year over the contributions, he has urged the Generalitat, which is competent in the matter, to establish direct pipelines, which They would allow us to know exactly how much water reaches the lake.

“We have to accept reality” and this is that “if you don’t have infrastructure, the only thing the Confederation can do is leave the water in the irrigators’ intakes,” he explained, and pointed out that it is the responsibility of the Generalitat to ensure that that “all that water or most of that water reaches the lake.”

Polo has compared the situation to that of a user who has a leak between the meter and his house: “If you from the meter to your house have a leak and are losing water, the concessionaire company or the City Council is not going to be responsible for those water losses,” he indicated.

He has also shown “the fatigue” of the Confectionery with this matter in which, as he has criticized, they want to transfer powers that do not correspond to them.

“We got as far as we got and the rest is a matter of the park or the City Council, but here they don’t put ideas, nor infrastructure, nor money. So, when things don’t work, you have to look for someone to blame and the Confederation is always an easy target,” he denounced.

Furthermore, he has expressed surprise that there are those who are scandalized by the fact that purified water is sent through irrigation ditches, when it is something that has been done since purifiers have existed.

In fact, he has considered it an “aberration” that, having the possibility of drawing water from Pinedo with 0.1 milligrams of phosphorus, the water is being thrown into the sea and “others are being asked for water from not really knowing where.”