Banco Sabadell offers you the cheapest mortgages this May with its Fixed Mortgage (2.60% TIN), Variable Mortgage (0.40%) and its Mixed Mortgage (with a three-year fixed rate of 2.10 % TIN and a 0.70% Euribor variable, according to an analysis by, which examines the mortgage market taking into account objective ranking criteria, such as the interest of each offer, the commissions and the number of products or services that They subsidize the interest on each loan.

Following their offers are other loans to finance the purchase of a home, such as the fixed mortgage from Banco Santander (2.8%) and that from EVO Banco (2.9%) at a fixed rate; the Ibercaja Mixed Mortgage (from 2.25% fixed for the first five years and 0.65%) and the EVO Banco Mixed Mortgage (from 2.35% fixed for the first five years and 0.6%) at a mixed rate; and the variable mortgages from Unicaja and EVO Banco, at 0.45% and 0.49% respectively, at a variable rate.

The cheapest fixed mortgage in May is the Banco Sabadell Fixed Mortgage. With an interest rate of 2.60% TIN (regardless of the chosen repayment period), this loan for the purchase of a home has no opening fee, although it does apply charges for early repayment: in the event that a financial loss occurs for The entity, Banco Sabadell, will charge you 2% during the first 10 years and 1.5% during the rest, which are the maximums established by law.

In order to access the cheapest fixed mortgage on the market under these conditions, the entity will require you to meet several bonus requirements:

In May, the cheapest variable mortgage on the market is the Banco Sabadell Variable Mortgage, with an interest rate of 0.40% Euribor. Of course, as usually happens with loans of this type, at first you will have to pay a fixed exit rate: in this case, 2.00% TIN for the first 12 months.

Regarding its commissions, the cheapest variable mortgage this month has no opening commission. Regarding cancellation fees, both in the fixed and variable sections:

If you want to repay part of your debt early, this variable mortgage from Banco Sabadell will charge you 0.15% for the first five years; From the sixth you will not have to pay anything.

To enjoy the conditions offered by the Banco Sabadell Variable Mortgage, you will have to meet the following requirements: domiciliate your payroll and take out home, life and payment protection insurance at the entity.

If what you are interested in is getting a mixed mortgage, the cheapest on the market in May is the Banco Sabadell Mixed Mortgage, with this offer you will pay a fixed interest of 2.10% TIN during the first three years and, from Sixth, they will apply a variable rate of Euribor 0.70%.

In addition to offering the lowest initial interest on the market, Banco Sabadell’s mixed mortgage has no opening fee. On the other hand, if you have cancellation fees, they are as follows:

To be able to access the cheapest mixed mortgage under these conditions, Banco Sabadell will require some requirements:

The first parameter that you should analyze to get a cheap mortgage is the interest applied by each offer, since the lower it is, the less your bank will be charging you for lending you money. Of course, you should not forget that issues such as commissions, the products that require you to contract to achieve the maximum bonus or even the maximum percentage that you can finance will also influence the final cost of the operation.

The interest is the first element you should look at to know if you have found a variable mortgage, since the interest marks what a bank will charge you for lending you money. Of course, keep in mind that the interest can be the same throughout the life of the mortgage (in fixed ones), change at the rate that the Euribor does (in variable ones) or combine both formulas (in mixed ones).

The desirable thing is that you manage to find a mortgage without commissions, although it never hurts to be clear about what type of charges a bank could charge you. The most important are the opening commission and the early repayment commission. The first can be charged at the beginning of the operation and allows you to cover the entity’s expenses for making your mortgage money available to you. The second would only apply if you decide to repay your debt (or part of it) ahead of time, it is limited by law and can only be collected if this operation generates a financial loss for the bank.

When looking for cheap mortgages, it is essential that you know that the bank can never force you to contract linked products or services (such as insurance, pension plans, etc.). What it can do is require you to purchase these products to access its offer under the best conditions: that is, reduce the price of your mortgage if you meet certain requirements. To weigh whether you are interested in meeting these requirements, try to calculate whether the savings you will achieve on your mortgage are higher than the cost of those products/services that the entity requires you to contract.

Although it is usual for entities to grant you a mortgage equivalent to 80% of the appraisal or sale value (whichever is the lower of the two) of the home you want to buy, with some offers you could reach up to 90% or even up to 100%. These proposals seem, a priori, very attractive, but do not forget that the more money you ask the bank for, the more you will have to pay in interest and, therefore, the more expensive your mortgage will be: that is, if what you want is a cheap mortgage, the more money you have saved (and the less you need to borrow), the better.

If you want to make sure that you take out one of the cheapest mortgages on the market, it is important that you set out a very clear roadmap that includes the following steps:

Before starting to look for financing, it is essential that you decide if you are more interested in a variable, fixed or mixed mortgage. To do this, try to think about how much you would be willing to pay to have total security, what your expectations are regarding the evolution of the Euribor and if you think you will be able to repay your debt (or part of it) ahead of time.

Analyzing the offers on the market with the help of a mortgage comparator will allow you to know which are the best proposals you can access. Now, if you want to improve the price of these loans even more, it is most advisable that you turn to a mortgage broker to help you improve the standard conditions that the banks have. In your search for one of these intermediaries, remember that it is important to check that they are part of the registry of the Bank of Spain – the body in charge of its supervision – and choose one that has a wide offer and that does not charge commissions to the client (but instead apply to banks).

Before choosing a cheap mortgage, remember that it is important that you correctly understand what commissions you will be charged, what requirements you must meet to access the maximum bonus and if your contract includes any type of clause that may be abusive.