A four-year-old girl called the Generalitat Valenciana’s 112 emergency telephone number to ask for help for her mother, who was suffering from an epileptic seizure and who partially recovered shortly before the arrival of the SAMU.

The Generalitat has highlighted this Tuesday the performance of the girl, who was aware of the importance of what was happening and alerted to help her mother, and has recalled how vital it is to teach children that in the event of an emergency they should call 112 and tell as they can what is happening before them.

In this case, at 9:30 p.m. this Monday, the intervention of the CICU was requested to assist a woman who was suffering an epileptic seizure at her home in Valencia.

The emergency call to 112 was made by her 4-year-old daughter, who was asking for help for her mother because “she couldn’t speak and something was wrong with her,” as indicated in the notice. From the CICU, a nurse contacted the girl, who explained with her words how her mother was.

A SAMU unit was immediately activated while the nurse maintained communication with the girl and, shortly before the SAMU’s arrival, the 32-year-old mother partially recovered and was able to report that she suffered from epilepsy. She was transferred to a hospital in Valencia in an ambulance.