The Boqueria market reopens in its entirety after finishing the renovation work on the ground. The works have lasted ten weeks and have been divided into two phases in which each of them has led to a partial closure of the premises for several weeks. Firstly, work was done on the mountain side and in the central corridor between January 16 and February 19, and then on the sea side, from February 20 to March 26.

In total, 3,600 square meters have been intervened with an investment of more than one million euros, financed by the Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona. The new floor is granite and a lighter gray colour. The carpets at the stops, which previously protruded a few centimeters, have also been removed, so that the new flooring covers the entire width of the corridor.

The change of the market floor was already provided for in an executive plan that dates back to 2018 and was updated in 2021 in terms of prices and construction criteria. Municipal sources explain that it has been decided to renew and standardize the pavement as it is deteriorated with cracks, irregularities and different materials as a result of various actions over time. The works have also contemplated auxiliary works of relocation of different elements of the market and signaling of spaces.

On the other hand, the actions aimed at reducing the population of pigeons in the enclosure continue with the installation of control systems for these birds in the market structures, where the nests are located. This project has a budget of 661,000 euros and will last until June.