The architect and urban planner Pau Bosch is the new president of Amics de la Rambla, the entity that looks after the social, commercial and cultural interests of the well-known promenade.

Bosch will replace the unmarriageable Fermín Villar, who has presided over the association since 2016. The new president, who lives and works on La Rambla, will have as one of his main tasks the current reform of the promenade in order to guarantee that the effects of this remodeling “are minimal” for neighbors and merchants.

Other objectives during his mandate will be to prioritize culture, improve aspects such as cleanliness and safety, in addition to achieving a “higher quality and balanced” commercial offer on the Rambla, Amics de la Rambla reported in a statement. In addition to choosing a new president, the entity’s board of directors was also renewed during its general assembly, held this Thursday.