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I am sharing in Las Fotos de los Lectores de La Vanguardia this photograph taken in the Central Park of Bellver de Cerdanya, a monument dedicated to Pep Lizandra, great scholar and motivator of dance and folk music of Cerdanya.

In this sculpture you can read a very beautiful poem, illustrating a diatonic accordion, of which Pep Lizandra is an expert.

In fact, the sculpture pays tribute to the organization Diàdona Dones Accordionistes y Percussionistes del Pirineu, created precisely by the musician and cultural activist Pep Lizandra.

The monument shows a diatonic accordion emerging from a large stone and includes inscriptions that capture the spirit of the firmness of women in the Pyrenees. The sculpture is the work of Agramunt stonemason Jordi Martí.

On Sunday, January 22, 2012, at the Escola Folk del Pirineo (Arsèguel, Alt Urgell), the meeting was held to establish the association of women accordionists and percussionists. Its objectives are: