Temporada Alta closes its 31st edition recovering absolute normality, with 90% occupancy of its 108 shows, with 50,000 attendees. The most relevant aspect, however, has been the recovery of international programming, with 17 shows that, despite the unleashed inflation, which has complicated economic management, have been able to be presented in this edition.

It has been detailed by the director of the festival, Salvador Sunyer, who has also acknowledged that the final figures have been more optimistic than what the organization anticipated: “Participation has increased 2.5 points compared to last year.” And he has also stressed that, unlike what has happened in recent editions, this year “no show has had to be suspended for health reasons.”

Sunyer has also highlighted its own productions and co-productions, such as the version of L’adversari by Emmanuel Carrere that opened this edition, along the lines of productions from previous seasons, such as Història d’un senglar, by Gabriel Calderón; Uncle Vania, directed by Oskaras Korsunovas; o The most beautiful body, by Josep Maria Miró.

And also the dramatized reading that Joan Carreras did of the Confessions of Sant Agustí, with La Casa dels Clàssics, a surprising and daring proposal, which was widely accepted with two sessions in Girona Cathedral and which already has applications to be presented in other sites.

After passing through Girona, 14 of the shows produced or co-produced by this year’s festival are guaranteed a tour or season in Catalan or Spanish theaters, and four of them will go abroad. The organization has also recalled that 43 shows from previous editions are currently on tour.

“In this edition there has been a significant number of female creators -the festival director continued-, and many shows have touched on gender issues, without dedicating themselves to making proclamations and with very different approaches”.

Regarding the Latin American High Season, it will be held in February 2023, and there are already agreements with Peru and Uruguay. “They have also requested it in Mexico, but perhaps we have to wait so we don’t run so much,” Sunyer points out.

Thanks to the collaboration with La Ciutat Invisible in the educational aspect, 3,200 students and 160 teachers from 55 educational centers have participated in the 128 activities organized in the framework of A Tempo, Arts and Training.

As in previous editions, Sunyer has made his particular letter to the Kings, but not so much for the festival, which he considers to have everything necessary, but in some aspects that he has already requested in previous editions, but which have not yet been consolidated: “We believe that the Catalan theater is in a good but difficult moment, because perhaps there are few doors. It would be necessary to rethink the system, giving more financing to municipal theaters so that they are not only exhibitors, which is very good, so that they can be associated with creation, and also that public theaters gain in agility. And that the arts enter into teaching”.

Apart from the announced concert by Antònia Font in the 2023 season, other future international projects have been brought forward, such as Performing Landscapes (TA24), with artists such as Stefan Kaegi or El Conde de Torrefiel. Temporada Alta already has a lot of past, but also a lot of future.

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