There will be face to face Sánchez Feijóo. PSOE and PP have accepted a debate in Atresmedia, which includes La Sexta and Antena 3, and which will be held on July 10, three days after the electoral campaign begins.

The PP communicated this afternoon that it accepted the celebration of this face to face between the president of the Government and the leader of the main opposition party. It was the first television group to propose it, which it did on May 29, the same day that Sánchez called the elections for July 23.

The PSOE immediately communicated in a note that it accepted it. In fact, the socialist party has said yes to all the invitations that have been extended.

The popular had communicated last week that they were willing to have an electoral debate between the two main candidates to preside over the Government after the elections of July 23, and, according to the PP, after the refusal of the PSOE to attend a meeting to negotiate the conditions decided to give the go-ahead unilaterally.

The PP’s decision is known the same day that the TVE news director had summoned the representatives of the PSOE and the PP to negotiate a debate in the public entity to which the popular ones refused to attend, after the socialists rejected go to a meeting on Monday to which the PP summoned them to discuss the organization of a possible face-to-face meeting.

The lack of agreement between PSOE and PP to hold the debates -the Socialists proposed six face to face since the electoral call- is evident in the hints that have been exchanged throughout the afternoon. The Socialists recalled yesterday that the PSOE “accepts the rest of the debates that the different media have raised”, and regrets that the PP “is rejecting them”.

Both formations do not agree on another debate. The PP, by accepting the face-to-face yesterday, assured that it “takes note” of the seven-party debate also proposed by Atresmedia in which the PSOE itself, PP, Vox, Sumar, ERC, PNV and Bildu would participate.

On the contrary, the Socialists accept a proposal for a four-person debate in which only PSOE, PP, Vox and Sumar will supposedly be present.