With the arrival of spring and mild temperatures we get excited and want to bare our legs realizing that they are absolutely white. We also find the occasional invitation to a wedding or communion that is celebrated before we can get a little color.

If this is your case, we must tell you that there is a miraculous product to get tan in no time: self-tanner.

A product that in a few minutes makes your skin change tone and is sold in cream, spray, even wipes format. However, if we do not apply it correctly, the result will be a skin full of orange spots or with an uneven tone.

At El Comprador de La Vanguardia we want to help you get a natural tan and, therefore, we tell you the key tricks to apply self-tanner so that it is distributed evenly throughout your skin.

Color Dren by e’lifexir is a color gel for legs with an “Immediate Glow” effect, giving a summery, tanned golden tone.

More than a simple self-tanner or leg makeup, it acts as a drainer, reducing volume and imperfections. Its application provides sublime legs with a warm and uniform golden tone.

The unique formula, with a medium effect, offers a natural satin and refreshing finish. In addition, it prepares the skin for sun exposure, without staining and with rapid absorption.

Color Dren is the solution to show off tanned, stylized and beautiful legs all year round.

This self-tanning mousse, with an advanced and fast-acting formula, is applied very easily and does not leave stains on clothing. It can be used on the face and body, and on any skin type.

Depending on the intensity of the tan you want, you should wait more or less (one to three hours) before getting dressed or showering.

The cream texture of this product is light and has a non-greasy finish ideal for all skin types, which is obtained from the combination of several active ingredients, lingonberry, a probiotic complex and almond, babassu and jojoba vegetable oils.

It is the ideal option for a gradual, fast and long-lasting tan without having to expose the skin to the sun. The results are visible after 3 days, although the tan lasts up to 7 days after stopping the application thanks to the self-tanning capacity of the erythrulose complex.

This self-tanner in mousse texture is enriched with hydrating coconut water that provides an even tan without spots, in addition to hydrating the skin.

Its effect lasts up to a week and, if applied correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, there will be no stains on the skin or clothing.

This foam-textured self-tanner is very easy to apply and offers an intense tan with a very natural finish.

It takes between 4 to 6 hours to take effect, so during this time any contact with water should be avoided. After this time we must take a shower with warm water and without soap. In addition, it does not stain clothes and its effect lasts for several days.

Comodynes is a top brand in self-tanning products, it was a pioneer a few years ago with the convenient wipe format for easy application, which saves time and hassle.

Using a towel is perfect for expressly tanning the parts that are most visible in summer, such as the legs, face, neckline or arms, for example. We offer you the Gold range that offers a golden tan like those on the beach.

Its effect takes 3 hours and the tan will last a few days.

This is a self-tanner made with 100% natural ingredients, in a foam texture, which offers a very natural golden glow on the skin.

Due to its format, it is easily applied and dries quickly, so two hours will be enough to see the results and we will have a long-lasting effect. From each bottle we can get around 260 doses, which will last between 10 and 20 full-body tanning sessions.

Cellushape technology, which is responsible for the anti-cellulite properties of this option, is based on a formula rich in antioxidants such as fig, banana, papaya and cocoa, which is why it also has a very pleasant tropical smell.

This Comodynes Self-Tanning The Miracle Instant spray is a self-tanning spray with an immediate, moisturizing and antioxidant effect.

Its unique formula with caramel makeup pigments guarantees an instant and natural “vacation” tone, without smudges or marks. Its pleasant summer perfume and easy application make it the perfect companion to achieve an unparalleled tan.

Ideal for face and body, this spray is enriched with plant-based and nourishing ingredients for radiant skin.

If we only want to add color to our face and neckline, we must choose a specific product for this area. We recommend Clarins Self Tan to tan your face.

A highly concentrated gel texture product that contributes to giving luminosity to the face and a self-tanning effect. In addition, you can mix it with your usual beauty routine because it will give you color gradually.

We finish with another self-tanning product from the Comodynes brand that has a progressive, natural and light self-tanning formula for the face and body.

This ‘Self Tanning Fresh Water’ has a transparent, easy-to-apply mousse texture that leaves a natural, uniform and streak-free golden tan. In addition, it is visible after 3 hours of application and gradually increases in tone depending on the level of use we give it.

Its vegan formula contains 100% vegetable DHA (5%) and Erythrulose (1.8%), active ingredients that provide a color similar to that of a sun tan. In addition, it also incorporates Butylene Glycol and Sorbitol, which provide a moisturizing action on the skin, retaining water and preventing dehydration.

*Prices updated on March 12, 2024