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In Las Fotos de los Lectores de La Vanguardia we can contemplate a spectacular afternoon of storms in Osona, with lightning and precipitation curtains, possibly with hail in Collsacabra.

Spring storms can give rise to these powerful natural electrical discharges of static electricity and offer us a real spectacle of light and sound in the sky, like fireworks.

Lightning is a powerful natural electrical discharge of static electricity, produced during a thunderstorm, which generates an electromagnetic pulse.

The precipitated electric discharge of lightning is accompanied by the emission of light (lightning), caused by the passage of electric current, which ionizes the air molecules, and by the sound of thunder, developed by the shock wave.

Electricity (electrical current), passing through the atmosphere, rapidly heats and expands the air, producing the characteristic noise of thunder.

If a curtain of precipitation reaches the surface, it receives the name of Praecipitatio (this is an additional feature of the clouds, since they start from them).

When this precipitation evaporates and disappears before reaching the ground, it is called virga.