The Strenes de Girona Festival was born more than 10 years ago so that new voices from the Catalan territory could present their productions to record labels and also have the opportunity to start their own tour, or finish it in the city of Girona.

Established as one of the reference festivals on the Catalan scene (in Barcelona it will take place throughout the month of May), it is now promoting a new project called Strenes Urbana, which will take place on May 13 at the Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm.

The appointment will feature ten artists, of which Scorpio and Flashy Ice Cream have already been confirmed, who will be spread over three different stages.

The night dedicated to future talents will feature the Barcelonan Scorpio, the alter ego of Clara Sánchez, who made herself known on TV3’s Eufòria television program and has just presented her first single, Deja Vu.

The members of the group Flashy Ice Cream are the other confirmed artists, originally from Sabadell, they are considered pioneers of trap in Catalan and their second album, Don Gelato, was awarded in the urban music category by critics at the Enderrock Awards.

This new project, as it was said at the beginning, was born from the matrix of Strenes, a festival that publicizes the news of the Catalan music scene and that has already advanced, for the 2023 edition, the performances of Judit Neddermann, 31 FAM, Triquell , The Tyets, Lal’Ba and Els Amics de les Arts.