Cosmopolitan, multifaceted and beautiful, the princess of the Andes, as she is called in her native Peru, is today a style icon, fashion and cosmetics prescriber and businesswoman, as well as a happy mother of twins. Alessandra de Osma (she called herself Sassa as a child) has a unique biography.

She was born in Lima, in 1988, into a family of high society, she began as a model at the age of 16, with the prestigious Ford agency in New York, later she graduated in Law and studied a master’s degree in fashion business management in Madrid. . There her destiny crossed her again with Prince Christian of Hannover – second son of Ernesto de Hannover and his first wife, Chantal Hochuli – whom she had met years before in Lima.

“It was in Madrid where we decided to settle after a long-distance relationship, he in Dubai and I between Paris and Lima.” In 2017 the couple entered into a civil marriage and she became Princess of Hanover. The religious wedding, held a year later, lasted three days and brought together members of the European nobility and celebrities in Lima. Today they form a cool couple who enjoy Madrid, where they live, with their twins, Nicolás and Sofía, who will be three years old in July.

Princess Sassa de Osma is a benchmark for a sober elegance that creates school (123,000 followers on Instagram). In 2018 she founded the bag brand Moi

Her wedding made her a princess. What is it to be an aristocrat in the 21st century?

This status is simply the history that my husband’s family carries and I take it as such. Of course, for all that history, it is a responsibility for me, but really my day to day is similar to that of many women of this century.

How has it changed you?

Really as a person I don’t think it has changed me. My way of being and seeing life are the same as before.

Your life seems fascinating, what is the best thing about it?

For me, the best thing in life right now is the family I have formed and seeing my children grow up. Since they were born I have not traveled as much, but I have been lucky enough to have lived in different countries and traveled frequently to very different destinations. I have always liked getting to know different cultures and places up close.

What would be surprising to know about his life, something not as idyllic as one imagines?

Actually my life is quite similar to that of other women of my generation. I also have good and bad days. I work, I have a house which I organize, I pick up my children from school, etc.

What is your main virtue?

I am a resilient person. When things don’t seem to work out, I don’t stop until they do. I believe a lot in the strength of perseverance and in maintaining the illusion.

And a flaw?

That I tend to demand a lot from myself and that always takes its toll.

Why did you choose to design bags precisely? What is the distinguishing feature of your brand?

It just came up, I had the idea of ​​creating something for a long time, since I had experience in retail, thanks to the Pretty Ballerinas franchise in Peru and a multi-brand store. But I was attracted by the challenge of experiencing something that I had not done before, which is starting a brand from scratch. This is how the stars aligned to undertake that. The DNA of the brand is to give visibility to crafts, create different forms of the typical bags and that there is always an element where craftmanship is appreciated.

What would you say is your strong point as an entrepreneur?

I think that I am quite determined and I am not afraid to make relevant decisions.

What is a work day like?

In the morning we have work meetings, I get up early because later in the afternoon I try to be with my children and if I have something pending I finish it from home. Each day can vary a lot, I have from tasks of a more creative nature to management issues or meetings.

Has the concept of luxury changed? What is it for you?

Yes, I believe that luxury now is having something that no one else has. Today, you do that by buying pieces from lesser-known brands, traveling, and shopping at flea markets. It is also appreciating the handmade, the unique pieces.

They define their style as elegant, timeless, discreet… What would you add?

I would add that for me it is very important to dress comfortably. And also that I am of the idea that less is more!

Do you think elegance can be learned or is it an innate trait?

Elegance is something you are born with, it is true that a certain body structure can influence it, which always makes dresses look better, but there are other very important factors. I find that there are very elegant people either because of the way they speak, move and their way of being, their culture, etc., regardless of whether they wear a specific brand or designer.

A basic advice to achieve a stylish image.

Each body and each individual is different, and that is what makes us special. You have to find in yourself the qualities that you have and from there try to be the best version of yourself.

If you had to choose some key pieces to dress elegantly, what would they be?

It depends on each occasion. I am in favor of always having a piece of more statement (level) in the look, be it the bag, the shoes, and some good pants, for example.

What hobbies do you share with your husband, Christian?

We really enjoy life in nature, especially on the beach. We also love old movies. And now, of course, we make many plans with our children.

What is the best thing they have brought to your life? And the main value that they want to transmit?

My children have completed my life. I feel really full right now. They are my biggest engine, and above all I want them to be happy people, as simple as it sounds. I wish that they find a passion in life, that they find happiness within themselves, that they feel loved and that our house is always a place where they feel listened to.

A wish to fulfill.

There are always new goals that one sets as wishes and challenges are fulfilled. I believe that in the professional business field I still have many dreams to fulfill.

If you close your eyes and think about your childhood, what image comes to mind?

Cycling through the gardens of the Pedro de Osma Museum, owned by my family (which his great-grandfather founded). We lived next door until I was ten, and then we moved to the other end of town. At that time, Barranco was not as safe an area as it is today and it was quite bohemian. I was lucky to enjoy a green and safe space close to home, so I keep the best memories of that time.

What do you miss from Lima? How is life in Madrid different?

They are quite similar cultures. I long for Lima, the sea, the smell, the food. When I go to the north of Spain, I have a sensation similar to that of my land, the humidity that one feels when living near a more or less cold sea.

What are you excited to do in your spare time?

Walking through nature above all. This is one of the hobbies that I enjoy the most.

What people inspire you?

My parents (Felipe de Osma and Elizabeth Foy) inspire me a lot. My mother for her energy, her passion and her strength to do things. From my father, I admire his tranquility, his structure, his peace.