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Today I would like to show in La Vanguardia Readers’ Photos some images taken in the town of Santes Creus, capital of the municipality of Aiguam├║rcia, in the Alt Camp region.

It is located around the royal monastery of Santa Maria de Santes Creus, one of the jewels of Cistercian art of the 12th century in Catalonia.

It is a beautiful town that was born in 1843 within the old premises of the monastery. Once here and with the history learned, I was able to see the cloister located inside the town hall, the Sant Bernat Calb├│ fountain, several portals, the Plaza de Sant Bernat, among other corners.

Although without a doubt, what I liked the most was the large passage or street that you find when you enter through the Assumpta portal. That color of the houses next to the small, green trees, the church in the background… Somehow it seemed that at any moment something important had to happen.

The fantastic and crucial thing was being able to do this visit with practically no tourists and with plenty of sun. That feeling of completeness for us, without having to dodge people and/or run away from noises, was the icing on the cake.

So it was a real pleasure to make this visit to this beautiful town with so much silence and, furthermore, to do it calmly and with time to pay attention to the details to make this photographic report.