Jorge Vilda, the coach who led the Spanish women’s team until they won the World Cup, has a renewal offer from the Federation. Luis Rubiales announced it by surprise during his speech in the assembly. The president wants the coach to sign for four years and will raise his salary to 500,000 euros per course.

“I’m going to tell a secret here, sorry, Jorge,” Rubiales said during his controversial speech. And he revealed that he has initiated the procedures to extend and improve the coach’s contract, whose salary will almost triple after the success of the World Cup. Vilda had 12 months left on her contract.

“I have activated with Andreu (Camps, the RFEF secretary) to make you a renewal offer. I invite you to continue with us for four more years, earning half a million euros”, revealed Rubiales. Vilda, sitting between the soccer coach, Luis de la Fuente, and the futsal coach, Fede Vidal, smiled in the audience.

The president took advantage of the public offer to deny that this was already Vilda’s salary. “It was said that Vilda already earned half a million. It was not true. She earned 160,000, 170,000 or 180,000 euros, I don’t know exactly, ”he confessed.

Rubiales also lavished praise on Vilda, who has been the women’s coach since 2015 and who until this World Cup had never won a tie in a major tournament. “I honestly say that you are the best coach in the world of women’s soccer,” she dedicated to him.

Regarding the salary increase, the president did not hesitate to recognize its merits. “You deserve it, Jorge. Because we have been through a lot, ”he pointed out in reference to the conflict with 15 players who asked not to be called up by Vilda.

In Rubiales’ offer, Vilda would also cease to be sports director of the national team, a position that until now was compatible. The until now second coach, Montse Tomé, is the person chosen, if she accepts, to replace him.