The leadership of Esquerra held a new meeting this afternoon in which it appointed its general secretary, Marta Rovira, as coordinator of the negotiations for the constitution of the new Parliament and subsequent negotiations relating to a possible investiture.

Likewise, the leadership of the Republicans has agreed that it will be the militancy that validates the position on the election of a new president of the Generalitat through electronic consultation. Thus, the bases will come into play at the end of the negotiation process that ERC may have, either with the PSC or with Junts, on a possible investiture, and they will have in their hands to ratify the decision of the leadership of the republican formation.

The party executive, after four turbulent and noisy days, with announcements of future resignations by Pere Aragonès, Marta Rovira and Sergi Sabrià, has also decided to focus on the campaign for the European elections on June 9.

Rovira is once again at the forefront of negotiations. She has been a regular in decision-making and conversations, despite the fact that she has resided in Switzerland since March 2018 since she was claimed by the investigating judge of the Supreme Court Pablo Llarena for rebellion, a crime that fell from the Penal Code after the negotiation between the PSOE and ERC. However, the National Court is now demanding her for an alleged crime of terrorism in the case opened against Tsunami Democràtic for the protests following the 1-O verdict.

This new meeting takes place on the same day that the vice-minister of the Generalitat, Sergi Sabrià, has announced that he will leave politics as soon as a new Government is formed. “As Marta and Pere have said in recent days, it is time for new faces and new ideas, to make way for new leadership,” says Sabrià in a letter that he made public this morning, before emphasizing that he is taking “a step forward.” convinced and confident side” that ERC “has a new generation prepared to take over a baton that has been passed from hand to hand for 93 years with the goal of freedom.”