Now that it is getting colder and winter is just around the corner, it is vitally important to be prepared and have the home in good condition, so that it becomes our best refuge against the drop in temperatures.

The great ally to face the coldest weeks of the year is, without a doubt, the boiler, so its maintenance is essential. And with RoigSat, you can have your boiler in perfect condition at an exclusive price.

RoigSat is a Catalan company that has had a mission for more than 45 years: committing to quality and excellence. It has already become one of the most outstanding companies in Spain due to the high level of its products and services, with an experienced and professional team, and offers endless advantages throughout the year.

One of its main attractions is its wide variety of services. And when winter arrives, it takes on a special meaning, since one of its most outstanding jobs is the repair and maintenance of boilers, which will prevent any unforeseen events and help to withstand the cold temperatures.

The company has been recognized with the latest quality system certificates, guaranteeing that all its management systems are developed within the established regulations, receiving the International Certification Network and the Quality Management System Certificate. Any RoigSat service is a guaranteed success.

RoigSat stands out for the installation, repair and maintenance of boilers, which not only offer a quality heating system for the home, but also provide first-class domestic hot water, something essential when temperatures begin to drop.

Customers, with their annual subscription, can enjoy the different services that the company offers them, such as the review, cleaning, analysis and verification of the operation of each boiler. In addition, they have a six-month guarantee that guarantees multiple advantages to keep your boiler in perfect condition. And everything, from the hand of its technicians, with extensive experience.

The best thing is that if you are a member of Club Vanguardia, you can enjoy RoigSat services at an exclusive price. With your Club Vanguardia card, you have a 50% discount in the first year in the maintenance contract fee for the RoigSat boiler. In this way, you will ensure that your boiler will be in perfect condition to withstand the cold winter that is coming.

Do not hesitate and enjoy the services of a company with more than 45 years of experience in the sector with an irresistible discount.