Five days after the astonishment, Juan Ortega returned to La Maestranza, with none other than Roca Rey and Pablo Aguado completing the shortlist and bulls of Victoriano del Río (1, 3, 5 and 6) and Cortés (2 and 4). A sign that for weeks now meant hanging another one, that of “there are no seats”, seventh at the April Fair.

La Maestranza, a meeting place for bullfighting where beautiful people come in their best clothes and the fetén fans, who resist the onslaught in the sun, and what a sun! Shadow and sun, lineage and people, united in the olé and in the democracy of the white handkerchief in the wind to reward the artist’s work.

And if we talk about artists with vitola, Ortega and Aguado, of course.

And after the parade, Juan Ortega was brought out to greet the audience in the shade and the sun in memory of the astonishment mentioned at the beginning.

The one who opened the bullring came out, a serious bull that did not allow Ortega to show off when he tried the Veronica bullfighting and, lacking in strength as he was, he was barely stung.

Smoothness in the rounds of the first round finished off with a sublime trench. On the left it was very short and returning to the right despite Ortega’s good treatment there was no longer any case. Effective lunge and palms for the Trianero.

Good presence of the fourth with whom Juan Ortega stretched out the Veronica, tempering abruptness, which had to do with the lack of strength.

To the media, the man from Triana genuflexes the figure to offer the public a task that began with muleta blows from below.

Ortega tried bullfighting in the round and the bull lost its hands, the same in nature. And the previous joy in the well of the impossible, consequence of what cannot be. Yes, the thrust with which Juan Ortega put an end to his passage through a fair that is now his consecration, with San Isidro in sight, was a good one.

Not far from the first presentation by Roca Rey with which he stretched out the veronica. The step by the horse is testimonial, but good stride in his attacks.

Roca Rey on his knees and after a long wait, two blows of crutches changed his spine with chills. And the music that starts.

Compact series by one and another piton that the bull took with a long trip, highlighting a series of natural ones finished off with one from the chest to the opposite shoulder. He got between the Roca Rey pitons and the bull lifted his feet off the ground, inserting the piton into his left thigh but without hurting him, just a sharp blow. The bernadines were heart-stopping and the thrust was colossal, from which the brave bull immediately rolled. Two big ears for Roca Rey and a well-deserved ovation for Victoriano del Río, a trapío on the sidelines.

With two ears already in the Roca Rey esporton (and, with him, the public) he had the Puerta del Príncipe on the near horizon when the fifth came out, which did not give him a chance to show off with the cape and did little good in the first two thirds .

Six statues as a declaration of intentions as a prologue to a fighting argument that began with right hands and the bull with a fleeing tendency, finished off with a superb chest pass.

Dry courage of the Peruvian bullfighter who, after a series of natural attacks, planted his forces on the albero and, inserted between the pythons, defiantly, motionless, raised La Maestranza to his feet, before going in to kill with the whole truth before him. Ear cut off with blood and fire that opened the Prince’s Gate with all honors.

From Toros de Cortés -same house, different iron- the third, fair presence, and Veronicas of temper and low hand of Pablo Aguado.

In addition to Ortega, three tasty aprons and a monumental stocking, Aguado responded for chicuelinas that the bull tarnished.

Bullfighting and naturalness, which is Aguado’s bullfighting, in the opening of the bullfight, with two sublime trenches, a prologue to series by both hands in which temperance prevailed to lead attacks that lacked delivery. Three natives standing together that the bull took reluctantly before Aguado went for the sword and in the first encounter he was caught by the sash in a very ugly way but without consequences. And the second time, lunge to the ball. The final ovation to Aguado, of justice.

Without pain or glory the first thirds of the one who closed the square and, to everyone’s surprise, Pablo Aguado who went to the media to toast the crowd, while it was drizzling and the wind picked up.

Slow motion rights finished off with a slow, slow chest kick. Like the next series, which made the music play. Noble bull of little strength and exquisiteness in the natural, at idle and one by one. A change of hand was like a flash of sunlight.

And what a way to get in and out of luck!

Great lunge and heavy ear for Pablo Aguado, a delight.

Roca Rey flying through the Puerta del Principe, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado on foot but with the recognition of everyone.

And the rain that fell from the sky like a blessing.