Recupera Madrid, the group of voters led by Luis Cueto derived from the Carmenista split of Más Madrid in the City Council of the capital, will look for its candidate to be councilor for the Treasury through the social network LinkedIn.

This curious formula copied from the English Government -in its search for governor for Gibraltar- was announced by Cueto himself at an informative breakfast organized by the Club Siglo XXI and confirms the commitment of the group of voters to put professionals in charge of the councillors.

In terms of housing, Cueto has also proposed a line of rental aid for young people to compensate for the rise in prices at specific times, with which “increases in rental income or mortgage payments will be covered until the situation stabilizes “.

This compensation, argued the councilor of the Mixed Group, will take place “both in the increases that are due to mortgage revision and in the increases that are due to the renewal term of the rental contracts”, while, in case of being mayor, the City Council will cover families whose income is less than 5 times the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income (IPREM).

He also pointed out that, in the event of obtaining the Mayor’s Office of Madrid, he will work so that the advisory positions dependent on the municipal groups stop being “a covert source of financing for the political parties with representation in the Consistory.”

In addition, he reiterated his proposal for the creation of an animation film campus, as he did at the Malaga Film Festival, with which he aspires to deliver the “Oscars for animated film”.

Recupera Madrid is the first group of voters to run for the elections in the city of Madrid. But their participation has been complicated since the City Council of the capital has demanded a photocopy of the DNI of each of the 8,000 guarantors that the law requires of them to formalize their candidacy.

For this reason, its leader, Luis Cueto, has filed a challenge before the Ombudsman denouncing that the document is “a requirement that is not requested” of the traditional parties.