When a new furry member arrives at home, everything is joyful. Not only are we talking about new emotions, but it also means new responsibilities. And, if we talk about a puppy, these responsibilities are even greater, because they require care and education that must be carried out correctly from a very young age; those first months will really mark the behavior of that dog.

From El Comprador de La Vanguardia we want to help you so that you have everything ready for the arrival of the little furry one who will become another member of the family. From food to all the accessories you will need in their first months of life. Don’t miss anything!

Once you have vaccinated your puppy and the vet tells you that he can leave the house without problems, you will need a secure leash so that the puppy does not escape. This is made of resistant nylon webbing and has a carabiner of different sizes. It is a non-slip leash that is intended to prevent your hands from sliding when your pup pulls on you.

It is available in 5 sizes – from 70 cm to 10 meters – so, if you like the leash, you can buy it larger as your dog grows. Also, when you gain more confidence with the little one in the house, depending on where you take him for a walk, you can use a shorter or longer leash.

It is important to take care of your animals’ diet from when they are small. Therefore, look for a food that is specifically for puppies. Like, for example, this True Origins Pure Salmon Poppy. It is a grain-free and low-fat feed, which favors the dog’s digestion. In addition, it provides proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is a preparation made from totally natural and quality ingredients. These include fruits, herbs and vegetables.

When the day finally comes when your dog learns to do his business in the street, when it’s time to remove the feces, this pack of bag holders and 360 hygienic bags to collect them will be very useful. They are made of an opaque material to prevent them from falling away and are soft to the touch, as well as resistant, to prevent loss. They are easy to cut and open. The dispenser is shaped like a bone and allows you to store the bags easily and you can carry it hanging wherever you want thanks to the fact that it has a carabiner.

Wet food is also important in a puppy’s diet. Before giving it to your puppy, check exactly at what age you can start giving it. The Criadores chicken with rice wet food can is especially designed for puppies. It includes all the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals it needs for good growth.

It is made up of 60% meat and rice is the primary cereal in the recipe. The ingredients are made from Spanish raw materials suitable for human consumption at origin and do not include any animal, vegetable or transgenic by-products. It is easy to digest thanks to the fact that fruits and vegetables contain probiotics and prebiotics, which will make them assimilate the nutrients better.

A harness is the best option for a small dog, since it will always be safer to take it for a walk, because it is more secure than with a collar. The TK-Pet Neo Classic black nylon and neoprene harness is made of very resistant materials, so it will give you that security you are looking for. In addition, it is very easy to put on and take off, an important point considering that your puppy may be quite reluctant when putting it on the first few times. It is adjustable and has a release buckle.

One of the essential products for your puppy’s first weeks or months are soakers. The puppy must learn to relieve himself on the street but, until then, you must train him to do so at home in the place where you have the padding.

These soakers are dry pads that have 5 layers of absorption and can hold up to 4 cups. The animal’s urine does not pass through the fabric and, very importantly, no bad odors are generated. Additionally, they are padded and scented with pheromones, which will make the dog attracted and urinate in the center. It has adhesive strips to stick it to the floor so it doesn’t move.

For a puppy that has just arrived in a new place, it is important to find its places in the house. One of the options you can give him is a bed that is his, that is his resting place. This rectangular bed will allow you to stretch out comfortably and rest. The raised edges will give you a more cozy feeling of space and you will feel more protected while sleeping.

The cushion is padded which will give it extra comfort that the dog will surely appreciate. It is removable, so you can wash it in the machine, but with a delicate cycle. And, in addition, it also has a plush stuffed animal in the shape of a sheep, with which you can play during your fun moments. It is made with fabric and filled with soft and resistant polyester, so it is sure to last all the months that your dog is a puppy.

Educating your dog is essential, from the moment he enters the door of your house for the first time. A product that we have found that can help you do this is this training litter tray with which you can teach your dog to urinate in the place you want him to do so. Inside you should put hygienic soakers so that your dog will not stain any furniture or decorative element of the house. Its measurements are 62.5 cm x 62.5 cm with 3 cm high. 

It is foldable which will allow you to store it when you no longer use it. It has a double bottom, which prevents your pet from getting its paws wet when it urinates. It is very easy to clean and has rubber stops on the base that do not allow the tray to move while the dog uses it.

As we have mentioned above, it is important to take care of your dog’s hygiene from day one. Also dental hygiene. For this, there are products such as this toy specially designed so that they can chew when their teeth are growing and, at the same time, clean them. Between 2 and 8 months, dogs replace their teeth and that is when this toy can become your best ally, as it will keep the puppy away from your shoes, furniture and other possible victims of its teeth.

It is a toy that is made with durable and soft high-quality rubber. In the package there are 3 toys of different colors and circular shapes measuring 9 x 9 cm, the perfect size for small dogs. The design of its serrated non-slip surface serves to maintain your oral hygiene.

Continuing with puppy hygiene, this special shampoo for dogs is the best seller on Amazon. It is a product rich in vitamin E and antioxidant properties, a characteristic that stimulates coat growth. It will not irritate your furry friend’s eyes or mucous membranes. Wheat germ has many nutrients that help maintain and recover hair elasticity. The pH is adapted to the coat and maintains natural hydration, allowing for frequent use.

To make good use, it is recommended to moisten the dog’s hair with warm water. You should apply the shampoo to the neck, back and legs. Massage until you get abundant foam and let it act for a few minutes. Then rinse and let the dog shake off. Then dry it with the towel.