The Minister of Public Works, Raquel Sánchez, reported this morning that the Spanish Government has gone to the European Commission to put pressure on France with the aim of clearing the railway “plug” between Montpelier and Perpignan. A stopper that directly affects the fluidity of the development of the Mediterranean corridor.

The head of Public Works, who has concluded the act of the Mediterranean corridor that has been held in Barcelona, ​​has added that she maintains a good relationship with her French counterpart and that “this good harmony will give results”. But she has insisted that the situation of the French cork, “is already known to the European Commission.

In addition, he has insisted that the connection between Almería and France of the Mediterranean corridor will be completed in 2026, despite the many sections that must be executed. The date was stated at the previous event organized by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs, AVE, which was held in Madrid.

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