PSOE and Sumar have harshly charged Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the alleged tax fraud committed by her partner between 2020 and 2021 through a plot of false invoices and shell companies and demand that the president of the Community of Madrid offer “urgent explanations” given the information known this Tuesday.

As published this Tuesday by, Alberto González Amador, Ayuso’s partner since 2021, defrauded the Treasury of 350,951 euros between 2020 and 2021, as contained in a complaint that the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office presented in court on March 5 after receiving a report from the Tax Agency.

According to the newspaper, the Treasury began an investigation two years earlier on the declarations presented in 2021 and 2022, upon detecting suspicious movements in the companies of Ayuso’s partner due to their enrichment during the pandemic.

For all this, the leader of the Madrid socialists, Juan Lobato, has been the first to demand explanations from the Madrid regional president, ruining “the double standard in politics. With the atrocities that we have heard these days and we see this today,” he expressed also a senator in an audio sent to the media in which he expresses his “total confidence” in Justice and the Tax Agency.

Lobato has stated that before holding Ayuso accountable, we must demand “explanations”, that he say “if he knew anything about this and how it could have benefited him”, for example to buy the apartment in which they both live in Madrid and that, according to According to some media, it cost a million euros, which perhaps “could have been carried out in part with money defrauded from all Spaniards.”

“Let him come out today, show his face with transparency and normality and explain to us whether or not he knew anything about this,” the Madrid socialist leader insisted.

Sumar’s spokesperson, Aina Vidal, has also echoed the alleged irregularities of Ayuso’s partner and has ironically stated that the Madrid leader who “has spent months talking about fruit turns out that she also likes chorizo ​​and fiscal fraud”. And in response to the possibly defrauded amount, she has pointed out that “the gulfs in politics have no place and should not have one.”

After Vidal, Sumar’s parliamentary spokesperson, Íñigo Errejón, has also spoken out, who, after listing the different cases of enrichment through business with the Community of Madrid or alleged fraud that have affected different family members or associates of Ayuso, has denounced that “this does not happen.” in normal families.

For her part, Sumar’s second deputy spokesperson, Águeda Micó, added in her own conference that, although “a woman cannot and should never be blamed for what her husband may do,” if the Madrid president were left-wing , would call this issue “the Ayuso case” and “it would be talked about much longer than what is going to happen with this case.”

The Minister of Health and former leader of the opposition to Ayuso in Madrid, Mónica García, has left on her regarding the management of its Executive in nursing homes during the pandemic.

The Government delegate in Madrid, Francisco Martín, has also asked the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for explanations: “Paying the taxes that correspond to you is also complying with the Constitution (Art. 31). Health, education, security, dependency. Public services that liberalism weakens and fraud kills. Martín has pointed out that explanations from President Isabel Díaz Ayuso are urgently needed. “Did you know?” She asked him this morning on the social network ‘X’.

For her part, the spokesperson for Más Madrid in the Assembly, Manuela Bergerot, has demanded that Isabel Díaz Ayuso clarify whether she lives in an apartment that she “paid with money from tax fraud” after learning of the complaint against her partner.