The last millionaire jackpot from Pasapalabra already has a winner: Óscar Díaz. The contestant from Madrid has managed to complete the Rosco of the popular Antena 3 contest tonight and win the desired jackpot that reaches the figure of 1,816,000 euros. The last word that Óscar has completed from Rosco has been the one corresponding to the letter ‘F’. Last name of the architect who designed the Villa Wenhold, in the German city of Bremen: Fahrenkamp.

With that answer, Óscar, after 157 participations in the program, has achieved the great final objective of any Pasapalabra contestant against a rival, Moisés Laguardia, with whom he has had 154 duels since September of last year, with a final balance of 63 victories for Moisés, 57 for Óscar and 34 draws. Moisés had to settle for taking 162,000 euros from the contest.

Óscar Díaz thus succeeds Rafa Castaño as the latest winner of the Pasapalabra jackpot. The Sevillian contestant completed the Rosco on March 16, 2023 after almost 200 participations in the program and took home 2,272,000 euros, the largest jackpot in the history of the contest.

Born in Madrid 52 years ago, Óscar Díaz is married, works as a press officer at professional golf tournaments and his hobbies include cinema, sports and reading of all kinds, although he has a good collection of comics. He also loves music and in his time he sang in an amateur group.

Óscar is also a veteran of television contests. In 2000 he already participated in Pasapalabra presented by Silvia Jato and in 2018 he returned for a family edition with his wife and his sister. This was his third participation in the contest.

And, furthermore, together with Manolo Romero, Victoria Folgueira and Miguel Ángel Gómez – all of them former contestants on Saber y Ganar from La 2 – they formed Los Dispersos, the second longest-running team in the history of ¡Boom!. They remained in the program for a year and a half, and although they were close to winning the jackpot (2.4 million) they were finally eliminated on April 14, 2021, after 324 deliveries.