The new Sálvame on networks (Quickie channel, Twich, YouTube, Televisero…) was going to be titled Not even that it was Sálvame, but “the chain opposite”, a phrase with which María Patiño –presenter– and collaborators –Belén Esteban, Kiko Matamoros, Lidia Lozano, Víctor Sandoval, Chelo García Cortés – now call Telecinco, confronting it, it has prevented it: it threatens a million-dollar lawsuit. That is why it is titled Nique fue…, concise and better title, thank you, Telecinco!

Those from Nique fue… have wrapped the word Sálvame with scandalous police perimeter tape – red and white bands –: I see in this trick the ingenuity that made Sálvame famous, I see here the best of Sálvame, more tongue-tied, daring, ramshackle , free.

What a pity for the public that beats the pulse of a retiree, a sick person, a patient in rehabilitation, a CAP visitor, an immobilized person at home, a marginal idler, an Alzheimer’s patient, like my elderly mother, patients in the gutters of the life: you will hardly be able to find this program on so many rare networks (every day from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) that it will be Salvame’s nemesis, its dark and vengeful side: they will tell you everything that they couldn’t on Telecinco.

Yesterday they already skinned the Campos, in particular Alejandra Rubio (Terelu’s daughter): “I have conversations recorded here to destroy you,” Matamoros threatened with his cell phone. And today they will start live from the entrance of Telecinco: they know well that in Spain we are experiencing polarization, cainism and civil war. Let’s see. – @amelanovela