Last Saturday the grand final of Eurovision 2024 was held, in which, after a few intense months of rehearsals, Nebulossa took the stage at the Malmö Arena (Sweden) to represent Spain with her song Zorra. Finally, the duo from Alicante came in 22nd place, but if they took away anything, it was the love and support of the spectators, both at the venue and at home. A few days after their time at the contest, Mark Dasousa and Mery Bas reappeared on ¡De friday!, where they took stock of their performance.

It should be remembered that Zorra continues to be a success, since it has accumulated more than 19 million views on Spotify. Something very gratifying for Mery Bas, who recently faced a tough blow: her aunt died one day before her first rehearsal. “It was very painful because she was a second mother. It was difficult for me to come back, but in the end I had to get it out,” said the Nebulossa vocalist.

On the other hand, the couple feels lucky for the love they have received from the public. “I think we have won the hearts of thousands of people. Throughout the week in Malmö we were walking and they asked us for photos. There have been people singing the song, people from all corners of the world write to us. We have remained in that position and that’s it,” they expressed in the program, hosted by Beatriz Archidona and Santi Acosta.

The couple wanted to go and enjoy themselves, regardless of the result, something they achieved. “The same number of people voted for us as they voted for France. We were 20 points away, it depends a lot on whether the jury votes for you. We are very happy with everyone and in this case the winner, Nemo, is a fair winner. He had a really cool song. Our objective has been achieved,” explained the producer.

But the truth is that, since the Benidorm Fest, the song has received a lot of criticism, and Mery believes that “people have not understood the irony of the song.” “It’s not that I want to be called a slut, it doesn’t just say slut. There is more content. “I’m saying that because I do the same thing that a man does, why do you have to call me a bitch,” the artist expressed.

The couple also spoke out about Manu Tenorio’s controversial statements before the festival, who claimed that his son was not going to see the contest, since the singer did not see it as appropriate. For her part, Mery Bas assured that her children are completely proud of everything their parents and her song. “Many boys and girls approach me and I think that in the future there will be a change. We have done something,” stated the artist.