The speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, whose husband was attacked with a hammer by a supporter of Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories in the middle of the electoral campaign, has decided to stop leading the Democratic group in that parliamentary body.

Pelosi, 82, announced her retirement from that position, after twenty years in it and with effect from the renewal of the House next January, during an emotional speech in the chamber.

The veteran Democrat clarified that she will keep the seat she holds representing California. “I have had no greater official honor than to speak for the citizens of San Francisco and I will continue to do so as a member of the House of Representatives, serving the great state of California and defending our Constitution, but I will not seek re-election into leadership. “, said.

After recalling her arrival on Capitol Hill in 1987, when she had not remotely thought “that one day she would go from being a housewife to Speaker of this House,” Pelosi assumed that “it is time for a new generation to lead the Democratic pack” in the institution.

The American leader, as respected by her people as she was reviled by Donald Trump and his people, waited for the new distribution of the Houses of Congress to be confirmed, with the Lower House in the hands of the Republicans and the Senate in the hands of the Democrats, to reveal her future in the new stage after the legislative ones on November 8.

Pelosi had already said that the attack that her husband, Paul Pelosi, suffered at the end of October and inside the family residence in San Francisco, at the hands of David DePape, was going to determine the decision on what he would do as of next January. . When finalizing the decision this Thursday, the parliamentarian referred to her husband as “a pillar” of her life.

The hitherto leader of the Republican minority, Kevin McCarthy, will be the candidate to replace Nancy Pelosi in the second half of Joe Biden’s term. For this, he requires the support of 218 representatives, that is, half plus one of the 435 that make up the Chamber.

Thirty-one of his fellow conservatives, all Trumpists and ultras, voted against McCarthy’s candidacy on Tuesday and announced that they will not change their free vote: to support him in January, they indicated. They will demand concrete and severe plans against Joe Biden, without ruling out an impeachment or political trial against him.