Mundimoto has quadrupled its turnover, going from 15 to 60 million euros in one year. The startup, born in Barcelona in 2019, specializes in buying and selling second-hand motorcycles to individuals and dealers and has recently entered the first-hand category.

“In one year, we have gone from selling 4,000 to 15,000 vehicles. We have a 25% margin for each transaction”, says Josep Talavera, co-founder of the business. The CEO also explains that this year the company will record losses for the first time due to its commitment to investing in growth.

Last year, Mundimoto raised €14 million in a round led by P101 Autotech Ventures and Maniv Mobility. The operation was accompanied by 6 million euros of bank credit and a small part of debt.

Due to this expansion plan, the company has also significantly increased its workforce, going from 100 to 250 employees, the average age of which is 27 years. The team works divided between the main headquarters, located in the La Verneda neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​and a warehouse in Madrid.

Looking to the future, Mundimoto is committed to diversifying its business. “We have just launched a motorcycle rental service for companies and we plan to boost sales to foreign dealers. Now we already sell to Poland, France, Germany and the Netherlands and we do not rule out entering new European countries this year”.

Regarding ownership, Talavera assures that he has just bought the shares of the other founding partner, Alberto Fossas, in such a way that he now controls most of the capital.