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Meteorological instability returns to Catalonia with the passing of a new DANA with storms and with the trace of mammoth clouds or mammatus in the sky, as in the Plana de Vic area portrayed in Las Fotos de los Lectores de La Vanguardia.

Fog, mammatus clouds and snow in the Pyrenees are leaving their mark this spring that seems to want to rebel against the persistent drought.

Although the color of mammatus clouds is normally bluish-grey, it can also have a reddish-golden coloration. In this case, bluish grays dominate.

Mammatus clouds can persist in the sky from a few minutes to several hours, until they fade and disappear. It is very common for mammatus-producing storms to generate strong updrafts and thunderstorms. That is why air browsers avoid them.

These formations were first described in 1894 by William Clement Ley, who was a pioneer clergyman in meteorology who used weather forecasts.