Metro de Madrid plans to close Metro Line 6 between the Conde de Casal and Ciudad Universitaria stations for improvement works to replace the traffic lanes, work that is expected to last for a year.

The Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCM) has published phase 1 of the contract for the comprehensive renewal of the track superstructure on Line 6, which affects the aforementioned section between Conde de Casal and Ciudad Universitaria, as reported by ’20 Minutos’. .

In this way, the first step would be taken to renew the railway lines. The estimated date of publication of the tender notice is set for September 30 and the planned investment is 38 million euros.

The project would also contemplate a second phase between the Argentine Republic and Ciudad Universitaria, which would be undertaken later. As usual in these cases, an alternative transport plan is expected to be undertaken, with buses to serve the suspended network.

Last year, Metro de Madrid closed Line 6 between Sainz de Baranda and Nuevos Ministerios to remove asbestos and improve the accessibility of four stations. Likewise, in 2021 improvement works were undertaken between the Sainz de Baranda and Pacífico stations, where asbestos removal work was also carried out at the Conde de Casal station.

Metro Line 6 has a circular route that connects with all the Madrid underground lines and the main interchanges in the capital, being one of the lines with the highest number of passengers in the entire network. The Community of Madrid wants to reduce the mass of passengers with Metro Line 11, the diagonal that crosses the city from southwest to north-east and which plans to partially unload the gray line.

In addition, Conde de Casal is one of the main axes of the Ministry’s roadmap this Legislature, since an interchange will be built there that will facilitate the intermodality of means of transport in this enclave that serves as access to the interior of the M -30 for traffic coming from the A-3.

Likewise, this area of ​​​​the Retro and Pacific districts is being especially affected by the works on the transportation network, since it is currently experiencing the interruption of the suburban L1, the other line that serves the area.