The candidates and leaders of the Valencian PP have confirmed today that until the end of the campaign, which runs out tomorrow night, they will maintain the same framework that has been imposed from minute one: “Valencia will be the end of sanchismo.” These are the words that María José Catalá pronounced at the end of her speech at the event that was organized this morning at the Bancaja Foundation to welcome another visit by Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

That is the framework and the interventions of Català and also of the president of the Valencian PP Carlos Mazón have revolved around it, who has asked, at the end of his oratory, that “our vote cannot continue to be to endorse Pedro Sánchez’s disregard for the Valencian Community”. “We have to put an end to sanchismo and its delegates in the Valencian Community” added Mazón in line with the strategy that has been offered, day by day, in the electoral campaign.

The PP has underlined in red the objective of winning the Valencian Community and Valencia city. Proof of this is that Feijóo has returned to the capital, where he was last Sunday at the rally that was organized in the Plaza de Toros de València, with public success. The president of the PP today launched two important messages for his organization in Valencia: his commitment to a change in the regional financing model and to solve serious water problems in the province of Alicante.

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