Let Us Monitor and Ensure Impartial Vote Counting, Say Civil Society Representatives

Representatives of civil society organisations across India have come together to ensure the integrity of the upcoming Lok Sabha election results. Meetings held in Bengaluru and Delhi have led to the formation of the Vigilant Voters Task Force (VVTF) in all Lok Sabha constituencies. The group aims to prevent malpractices and manipulations during the vote counting process and transfer of power post-election.

The group, consisting of various prominent members including former ministers, public intellectuals, and environmental activists, has expressed concerns about the potential manipulation of votes by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). They have vowed to resist any fraudulent attempts to retain power and have called for impartial vote counting to uphold the democratic process.

With the Lok Sabha election results scheduled to be counted on June 4, the group is actively working to monitor the process and ensure transparency. They have sent appeals to returning officers, the President of India, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to uphold the constitutional responsibility of fair and unbiased vote counting.

The formation of the VVTF and the collective efforts of civil society representatives highlight the importance of safeguarding the democratic values of India. As the country awaits the election outcome, the call for impartial vote counting resonates with citizens across the nation who are committed to upholding the integrity of the electoral process.