The good weather is here and you are probably updating your balcony, terrace or, if you have a house, your garden. Now more than ever you will want to spend hours outdoors, so it’s good to have everything neat and beautiful. To do this, the best thing is to find offers that allow us to renew without spending excessively, and that is precisely what we have found at Leroy Merlin.

Currently, the most predominant housing in Spain are apartments that are increasingly smaller, so learning to take advantage of every last millimeter of each room will become a challenge. And this also happens on balconies and small terraces. In most cases, you will only fit a table and a couple of chairs, so finding that set that is stylish and beautiful will be the goal to achieve.

As we know the needs that currently exist in society, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we have looked for the ideal set of furniture for a discounted small balcony or terrace. And we have found it! Don’t miss the opportunity to renovate the outdoor areas of your house at a very good price.

The set that will meet all the requirements you are looking for for your small terrace or balcony is the Solis model that you can buy at Leroy Merlin and, currently, they have it on sale. It is a set consisting of a square folding table (55x55cm) and two folding chairs, made of acacia wood.

This material is resistant to humidity, the sun’s UV rays and variations in the external climate, so you won’t have to watch out for damage. The fact that it is made of wood will add a warm touch to your balcony or terrace, in addition to being a set with an elegant natural style that fits into any home.

And in case wood doesn’t convince you and you want a more modern set, at Leroy Merlin we have also found this gray steel table and chairs set, also designed for small spaces. In this case, neither the table nor the chairs are foldable, so you lose a little functionality, but it is still a good option.

In this case, the table measures 70 x 70 cm and the chairs are stackable from the Etna series. The steel frame is very resistant and the glass plate is adapted for outdoors.