New lesson from the children’s troupe ‘The Daughters of Neptune’. The group of Jesús Bienvenido and David Romero Lobón continues to give something to talk about in Cádiz after going viral with a pasodoble in defense of the use of the different languages ​​spoken in Spain. On this occasion, the ‘aliens’ that make up the troupe do not need to change languages, as they did previously, to make themselves understood on two issues: the first, to put the focus on the war that is being fought in Palestine, giving a a wake-up call to “the elders” who remain silent in the face of this spiral of violence; and, on the other hand, to value the role of women against the hackneyed derogatory phrases of ‘cry like a girl’ or ‘run like a girl’ to end up congratulating ‘those girls’ who managed to become world champions.

‘Thank you’ or ‘the Cádiz Carnival has a replacement’ are some of the phrases that can be read in the comments of the videos shared of the performances of this group, emphasizing that these ‘daughters’ have not stopped giving lessons to the oldest since they got on the stage of Falla to participate in the contest, where, by the way, they have achieved first place. Most users have wanted to thank Jesús Bienvenido for his songs. “Powerful lyrics”, “brave carnival”, “a privilege”, they stated.

The ‘aliens’ did not miss the opportunity to echo one of the war conflicts that is shaking the world. Palestine had its space in this carnival and ‘The Daughters of Neptune’ asked through their pasodoble that all “the little hearts” join together to give a voice to the Palestinian hearts that live daily with fear, loss and hatred.

In his lyrics, Bienvenido has criticized the attitude of “the elders” who “wanted to remain silent” in the face of this destruction and barbarism, a lyric that was highly applauded not only in Falla but outside of it and on social networks. “

“But if a little heart joins a little heart, they sound with the tremendous and immense force of a great heart that breaks the silence of a voiceless world,” they sing.

For equality and to ridicule those who today continue to try to make fun of a child using phrases like “you do it just like a girl.” ‘The Daughters of Neptune’ have put their foot on the wall, they have jumped onto the playing field and they have scored a great goal for all those who still do not understand that girls can achieve as many achievements, successes and medals as boys can. For example, a button: the women’s soccer team, the world champion, to whom tribute is paid from the Teatro del Falla.

“I am the brave and fierce girl who raises her voice and eats her fears, I am the girl who is tired of losing the ball and being offside, thanks to such feisty girls who today are example women in the world and that, in the world, they are the champions,” they say.