Two years ago, Lara Álvarez made one of the most complicated decisions of her career: leaving Survivors, the format that had made her one of the most beloved faces on television. A decision that surprised her followers, even more so when, at the beginning of 2024, the Asturian decided to completely separate herself from Mediaset to embark on new projects.

Several months have passed and Lara Álvarez is more excited than ever. She has started new professional adventures away from Telecinco, mainly in the world of teaching from the Radiofònics Madrid Presenter Course; in addition to her multiple contracts with different advertising brands. As if that were not enough, her fortune also smiles on her in her personal life, since she has a new love.

Last March, the presenter was discreet and assured that there was no one in her life, but she was not “closed to love” because she knew it was going to come. “I’m not giving up,” she said in an interview with LOC. Apparently, she has already arrived, bursting in forcefully in the form of Antonio Texeira, the journalist who is in charge of Telecinco’s mornings.

With it he appears, very smiling, on the cover of ¡Hola! this week, which shows images of the two enjoying a romantic trip to Lanzarote. The unexpected couple, dressed in a white t-shirt, a military green cap and aviator sunglasses, shows great complicity in the images.

A new relationship that comes at a great time for the Asturian, who assured that she was making these important decisions at a professional level because the time had come to bet on herself and what she believed she was worth. “I feel something new that I haven’t felt in a long time, something in my gut. “Before I had fantastic security and now I have gone out to see a different world,” she said shortly after leaving Telecinco.

About love, I was willing to meet someone with that new attitude. Texeira could not have arrived at a better time and, given the good relationship that Lara Álvarez has always maintained with her former Mediaset colleagues, it is not surprising that her paths ended up crossing.

“I’m not closed to love, ever. And it will come. I have no doubt that it will arrive,” the communicator assured the aforementioned portal. “Life has surprised me in so many ways… Today I am 37 years old and now I know that one discovers one’s own times.” assured the communicator, who also gave clues as to what she would like that ideal man to be like: “Handsome? Although, in reality, I hope that life surprises me. I don’t ask for anything else.”

Antonio Texeira, from Extremadura, 42 years old, is one of the most promising presenters at Telecinco, where he landed after many years of success in Miami (USA) presenting the Telemundo program Al Rojo Vivo (and winning two Emmy awards).

Texeira left the program to accompany Ana Terradillos in The Critical Look, the space that is responsible for offering the highlights of political, economic and social news on the national and international scene first thing in the morning.