The meeting had to be next Monday. That is what had been leaking from the entity, but this Friday morning Joan Laporta went by surprise to the sports city of Sant Joan Despí, where the sports director, Deco, and the vice president Rafa Yuste also went. They have waited for the first team’s training, led by Xavi Hernández, to finish and an emergency summit has taken place. There the president has informed him that he is not going to continue as Barça coach. Xavi’s assistants, Òscar Hernández and Sergio Alegre, were also present at the meeting. Minutes later the club made the decision official through a statement in which it thanked the coach for his work.

Laporta’s move came after he decided to bet on Hansi Flick to replace Xavi next season. In fact, the club is working to announce the German coach on Monday and even present him next week, according to ‘Mundo Deportivo’. The meeting was brief and not pleasant. Xavi, yes, will lead Barcelona in the game in Seville this Sunday, which closes the season. Before, this Saturday he must offer the preview press conference. One of the key issues that remain pending to be resolved is the settlement of the coach and his assistants, which amounts to around 15 million euros, according to ‘La Vanguardia’.

All of this occurs just a month after Laporta confirmed Xavi at his home in what is known as the “sushi dinner.” Then their continuity was agreed and the next day a joint press conference was offered in which stability and unity were sold and in which Laporta described Xavi as a legend. An appearance in which everyone decided to row in the same direction. However, a month later everything has changed. Along the way, President Laporta’s anger after a press conference prior to the match against Almería in which Xavi opted for realism and stated that Barça was not in the best conditions to compete because its current economic situation does not resemble nothing like 25 years ago. That angered Laporta, who has left him agonizing in recent days.

On January 27, Xavi, after the 3-5 defeat against Villarrea, revealed that he had decided to leave office at the end of the season. Months later he changed his mind and convinced Laporta, with some of the members of the sports commission against, of his continuity. But the president’s position, as has been seen, was not firm.