Xavi Hernández landed from Almería. And he got down, crestfallen and serious, from the bus that took his players and coaching staff from the Barcelona airport to the sports city. Aware that his continuity at the head of the team for next season is being questioned. And that this Sunday he could lead the team for the last time in Montjuïc against Rayo Vallecano without his farewell being official. The technician has no official explanations. He did not meet yesterday with President Joan Laporta although there were contacts with the president. The match will take place starting Monday with calmer spirits in an emotional and tumultuous Barça.

Yesterday was not a good time to talk with the president who was still angry about the statements that Xavi made on Wednesday at the press conference prior to the match against Almería. “I think that the Barcelona fan must understand that the situation is very difficult. The current Barça has nothing to do with the one from 25 years ago, when the coach arrived and said I love this one, this one and this one,” Xavi compared the ease of signing in other times. “I understand it. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to compete and fight for titles. We are going to try, but we need stability and time,” he added. Laporta, hot, did not take them well. He considers that realism does not excite. And that his words are not those that he conveyed to him at the popularly known as sushi dinner on April 24 when the coach assured him that he looked strong, that he had enthusiasm and that he felt that he could compete with the assets it had. That night ended with cava, cigars and the agreement was staged at a press conference on April 25. The words “stability” and “project” were repeated more than ever. But they have lost all their strength. On Thursday, Laporta no longer traveled to Almería. The club alleged professional reasons but there are internal voices that perceive that it is the result of the disconnection with the coach. While Barça was training, the president met yesterday at the club’s offices with one of his advisors, Enric Masip, and with the manager Joan Soler. This Friday Laporta will travel to Zaragoza to be with the women’s team that is playing in the Cup final against Real Sociedad.

The coach contacted Laporta via WhatsApp to discuss the matter. But Laporta told him that he was going to Zaragoza and that they would talk. The distance is remarkable. Xavi also spoke with the players to whom he informed that he had not received any notification and conveyed calm and tranquility to them. He also spoke with sports vice president Rafael Yuste, who did travel with the team to Almería. Yuste, one of Xavi’s strongest supporters and his main defender within the sporting leadership, conveyed his support and asked him to calm down so he could face the conversation with Laporta. After training, Xavi also met with Alejandro Echevarría, the president’s right-hand man, who told him that it was not a good time to talk to Laporta. And for him to wait until Monday. Xavi is clear about his speech. “I said what I think. That the situation is not the best and we are working together to be in the best possible situation to strengthen ourselves. But we will fight for the titles with enthusiasm and ambition, that does not change,” he explained. Five and a half hours after arriving at the sports city, Xavi left Sant Joan Despí to go to his home with many clues but without any definitive answer.

Sports director Deco was not in Almería either. In his case, he was absent for unavoidable personal reasons that took him to Porto. The burst of the balloon caught him offside. Until he left for Portugal on Wednesday, Deco has been planning the season with Xavi. And they planned to activate it next week. Until now, Barcelona’s options included trying to sign a midfielder –Zubimendi is the favorite–, a winger –Nico Williams– and Xavi’s dream, an interior like Bernardo Silva. The sports director does not know the reasons why the president has changed his mind and will return to Barcelona today to be present at the final outcome. Meanwhile, in the club offices there is already talk of substitutes and it is hoped that a financial agreement can be reached with Xavi in ​​the event that he is dismissed, which seems complicated because the coach is hurt by what is happening. Hansi Flick is the great candidate but not the only one. And if they don’t leave, there will always be Rafa Márquez, the reserve team’s coach. But that’s today. Starting Monday, we’ll see