“Avant-garde”, is said of a “person who goes ahead, with the intention of renewal and advancement, subscriber to La Vanguardia”. This is how the profile of the newspaper’s subscribers is defined, which now numbers 151,000 (38,000 in print and 113,000 in digital), a milestone in its 143-year history. In addition, the goal for this year 2024 is to reach 161,000 subscribers.

To celebrate this achievement achieved by La Vanguardia, it will now be the subscribers themselves who will be able to actively participate in a series of activities aimed at highlighting that we are already more than 150,000 “avant-garde”.

From this Sunday, May 19, until next Tuesday, June 18, La Vanguardia launches a campaign that highlights the great values ​​of the newspaper (rigor and quality of information, serenity and plurality), which may seem like a thing of the past, but they are the keys to the journalism of the future. And, since La Vanguardia combines all these qualities, its subscribers are ahead.

Coinciding with the start of the Vanguardistas campaign, starting this Sunday, May 19, you can vote in a survey to choose the best cover of La Vanguardia of each decade, from the first on February 1, 1881 to the present. On June 15, a supplement will be published in paper and epaper format, as well as a story on the web, with the best covers from each decade of the 143-year history of La Vanguardia.

Thus, the best covers will be chosen by subscribers through a survey that they will receive via email and that is also published on the web. This supplement will be a true journey through history, with the great events that La Vanguardia has explained both locally and internationally and in all areas, such as the Covid pandemic, Brexit, the implementation of the euro, the jihadist attacks, the Barcelona Olympics, Barça’s first Champions League, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Chernobyl tragedy, the 1962 floods, the two world wars, the Spanish Civil War or the era of modernist Barcelona.

The Vanguardistas campaign will culminate on June 18 with one last special event to celebrate the milestone of 150,000 La Vanguardia subscribers. On this occasion, the newspaper’s editorial staff will move to the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona so that subscribers can experience one of the most important moments in the production of the newspaper live with the journalists. In this way, subscribers will be able to follow the editorial board to choose the topics for that day’s cover, with their hierarchy and the choice of photographs, as well as learn up close how the newspaper’s website is created.

On June 15, a very special supplement will also be published in epaper version, La Vanguardia del suscribor, a newspaper created solely with the contents prepared by the subscribers themselves. Reports, chronicles, interviews, photographs, podcasts, illustrations, videos, expert analysis, debates, among other contributions, make up a unique publication based on citizen journalism.

The main theme of La Vanguardia of the subscriber will be a series of reports that reflect on wars and peace at this time when war has returned to Europe and the Middle East. One of the great attractions of this publication will be the commemorative photograph on the cover, taken by Xavier Cervera and starring more than 100 subscribers gathered in the Pati de les Dones of the CCCB.