King Charles III’s personal wealth, which comes from inheritances, property and investment results, has increased by more than €11 million in the last year, according to the Sunday Times rich list. So the current monarch’s fortune even further exceeds the figure that in his day was attributed to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Charles III’s capital is estimated to be around €712 million (£610 million) in 2024, while Elizabeth II’s capital is estimated to be €432 million (£370 million).

The monarch is ranked 258th on the Sunday Times Rich List of the UK’s 350 richest people and families, up from 263rd in 2023. The publication’s calculation only includes the monarch’s personal wealth and is not included For example, Buckingham Palace, because it is part of the Crown State, or the British Crown Jewels, which are in trust for the British people.

Other royal residences later acquired by the British royal family, such as Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, or Sandringahm House, in Norfolk, are included as the monarch’s personal fortune. The Duchy of Cornwall has a lot to do with this significant increase in the assets of Charles III, a estate that for decades generated more than 26 million euros (23 million pounds) annually for the then Prince of Wales, and which is now in the hands of his son, Prince William.

Other interesting names also appear on the list, such as British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty. The couple’s wealth has increased by €140 million (£120 million) in the last year, reaching £651 million, and therefore surpassing Charles III in personal wealth. A famous politician’s last name also appears on the list, that of Euan Blair. The son of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has surpassed his father’s wealth by accumulating 437 million euros from the profits of his digital empire.

But the one who ousts all the previous ones and is the one who heads the list of the richest under 40 is Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, who this summer passes through the altar with Olivia Henson. This godson of Charles III inherited all the assets of his father in 2016, who died suddenly at the age of 64, and since then he has been one of the largest landowners in the United Kingdom. His fortune is estimated at around €11.6 billion (£10 billion).