Judge Joaquín Aguirre has renounced the escort offered by the Mossos d’Esquadra and asks for protection from the National Police or the Civil Guard. The magistrate, who is the head of the Investigative Court 1 of Barcelona and is in charge of directing cases such as the Volhov case or the Negreira case, has renounced the offer of the Catalan police after last week he received a package in his office with a fake bomb. As close sources have explained, the magistrate has argued that the protection provided by the Catalan police could interfere with the investigation opened by the alleged Russian connections of the process in the so-called Operation Volhov.

Through a letter, Aguirre has requested the General Council of the Judiciary for the escort to be enabled by the National Police or the Civil Guard. In the letter sent to the CGPJ, the magistrate recalls that he is in charge of an investigation that affects the Generalitat of Catalonia and that he does not consider it appropriate to be escorted by officials dependent on said entity.

Aguirre received a fake bomb package in his office that passed all security checks. Inside was a thermostat without any note or threat. The envelope was addressed to the investigating court 1 of Barcelona without specifying the name of the judge. The Mossos d’Esquadra have launched an investigation to clarify what happened. They filed a complaint with the court, which fell to the 17th investigative court of Barcelona, ​​which decided to file it “by unknown author.”