Pablo Iglesias has affirmed this afternoon in Valencia that certain media and sports powers in Madrid have used the Vinícius case to make people believe that all Valencians are “racist”. Specifically, the leader of Podemos has accused the journalist Antonio Ferreras and the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, of being part of a “Madrid mafia” that “controls everything”. “If they have to insult the Valencians, then they are insulted,” he added.

He has ironized that Florentino Pérez and Antonio Ferreras are a “world example of commitment against racism and fascism”, and has questioned that they want to “teach Valencians how to combat racism”. “How is it possible that whoever invites the Nazi Abascal to the Bernabeu box intends to give Valencians lessons in racism?” He has criticized.

The former Vice President of the Government has read a text from La Vanguardia to explain the discomfort that has been generated in Valencian society by the case of racism in Mestalla. “It is similar to what happened with corruption in the past: Valencia was not the only society where there were cases of corruption; in other geographies they were more and more serious, such as Madrid, Catalonia or Andalusia” he pointed out.

“It has taken years to overcome this reputational mortgage, but it seems that some seem interested in imposing another, that of alleged Valencian racism” he added before concluding that “the electoral campaign in the city of Valencia is already contaminated by this event. Stay tuned, because there may be surprises.” He has affirmed that “Valencians will have an answer this Sunday because we are the only ones who have dared to denounce these gangsters.”

Likewise, it has been asked “what is the only Valencian political force that has dared to point out” the “two gangsters” Florentino Pérez and Antonio Ferreras. “The PSOE? Those who say they are Valencian but make the ball to Ferreras so that he speaks well of them on television?”, he questioned, before adding: “Why does nobody ask (the Compromís candidate ) Joan Baldoví, what do you think of Ferreras’s media campaign against the Valencians? I would answer the same as with Roig. A brave way of defending Valencia by not facing those gangsters”.

During his speech, a group of women interrupted the act for several minutes shouting “Being a woman is not a feeling” and they were evicted from the place, after which the former vice president took up the floor to point out that “every time someone tells a trans woman that she is not a woman, fascism grows”, and has expressed her “democratic contempt for those who attack human rights”.