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Today in La Vanguardia Readers’ Photos we highlight two very similar statues, that of Vittorio Emanuele II in Piazza Giovanni Bovio in Naples, Italy, and that of General Prim, in Reus.

I was in Naples a few days ago and when I was drawing the statue of Vittorio Emanuele II I realized that it was very similar to the painting that, in its day, I did of the statue of General Prim in Reus.

Both maintain a very similar style, the poses of the riders and the horses, both are from the 19th century, both have an allegory to the homeland (the Italian one in the form of a woman and the one of the general, with a plaque that says).

Both are on a pedestal with bronze paintings on the sides reproducing facts from the history of the characters. Both wear laurel wreaths around the pedestals.

In addition, both have the House of Savoy in common, one as the first King of Italy and General Prim as supporter of the first king of the House of Savoy, Amadeo I, in Spain.

The Italian statue is the work of Afonso Balzico on drawing by Emilio Franceschi and the one of General Prim is the work of Catalan sculptor Lluis Puiggener and its construction is from

It seems that one was inspired by the other or that they followed the style of the same period, as well as a common sister story.