With summer just around the corner, the purpose of playing sports and eating a healthy and balanced diet is even greater in our daily duties. We want to look good and to do so we cannot overlook the importance of feeling confident in our own skin.

Despite conscientiously following a healthy lifestyle with the purpose of defining some areas of our body, there may be parts where localized fat resists and/or tends to accumulate, which can affect the way we look and feel about ourselves. themselves. And this is demonstrated by scientific studies where they reveal that eliminating localized fat not only transforms our body, but can also considerably boost our confidence. According to Dr. Adriana Ribé (@adriana_ribe), aesthetic doctor, “localized fat refers to the accumulation of fatty tissue in specific areas of the body, which are often difficult to eliminate despite maintaining a balanced diet and doing physical exercise. Many people continue to maintain more stubborn areas where it is difficult to eliminate fat and that can affect their confidence.”

Our body uses carbohydrates first, then proteins and, finally, the fats we eat. Fat tends to accumulate by consuming more calories than are expended, storing that surplus in adipose tissue. According to Dr. Adriana Ribé, “genetic predisposition influences the distribution of body fat, especially in areas such as the abdomen or hips, although factors such as gender and lifestyle are also determining factors.

In addition, we must take into account the difference between losing weight and losing localized fat, since the second does not have to be linked to the first.” The accumulation patterns of this fat usually vary between men and women, but the main areas of concern are: abdomen, flanks or hips, inner and outer thighs, arms or jowls.

Added to this is that 79% of Spaniards would like to get rid of persistent body fat to be happier and feel healthier, as indicated by the Consumer Beauty Insight study carried out by Allergan Aesthetics. Therefore, it is possible that the desired results will not be achieved and that there will continue to be areas with which one does not feel so comfortable, which could even cause discomfort and cause a loss of self-confidence.

What does all that have to do with trust? Much more than we think. When we feel good about ourselves, about our body, self-esteem rises and confidence skyrockets. For Dr. Adriana Ribé, “self-esteem can decrease considerably when efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle do not give the expected results, which also leads to great frustration. In this sense, innovation in body aesthetic medicine offers solutions to reduce localized fat, helping the patient to improve their self-perception.” Thus, healthy beauty seeks to take care of the physical appearance, but with a direct impact on the psychological well-being of the patient.

Body appreciation is associated with more positive psychological well-being and translates into satisfactory results in various areas of our lives. That is why, in recent years, there is a demand to eliminate localized fat with aesthetic medicine. Although these treatments must always be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, they act on those most rebellious areas where it is more difficult to eliminate fat. According to Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie Company, excess fat located in specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen and buttock, is the first aesthetic concern for Spanish men and the second for Spanish women, behind cellulite. Therefore, reducing the fat that bothers us will make us feel better and gain confidence.

According to Dr. Adriana Ribé, “it is essential to go to medical-aesthetic centers that have trained personnel. “We professionals carry out a personalized evaluation to be able to suggest the most appropriate treatment for each patient.” Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie Company, reminds us of the importance of understanding that Aesthetic Medicine is Medicine and going to a specialist to achieve healthy beauty.