Some candles remain lit next to the lowered blinds of the Casa Catrana restaurant at number 2 Blai del Poble Sec street, the scene at dawn on the 24th of an execution in the pure style of organized crime. The victim, Yael, 32 years old, had taken over a few months ago one of the most beloved establishments in the neighborhood, which for years functioned as a churrería and which became a restaurant with Latin American specialties and which served as a meeting point. of the Dominican community that abounds in the district.

The premises, rehabilitated for the opening, had a sophisticated video surveillance system that has given investigators top quality material to analyze the sequence of the crime. At night, the victim was with her partner at one of the tables in a restaurant where there were several families. A guy with a helmet and an automatic weapon with a silencer entered the premises and the victim tried to hide in the kitchen, according to those images released by El Periódico. But he could do nothing about the intentions of the gunman who chased him until he shot him in the head.

The Barcelona Mossos d’Esquadra homicide group has taken charge of the investigation. They have several hypotheses on the table, but there is one that weighs over the rest and has to do with the Chaka operation carried out on the 20th by the Barcelona Urban Police and the Mossos and which led to the arrest of a Dominican who is considered the ringleader. of all the narco flats active right now in Ciutat Vella.

The police suspect that that accurate blow would have provoked a movement of the different lieutenants and other characters peripheral to organized crime who would have tried to take advantage of the leader’s fall to occupy his space. A dangerous move that had an immediate response with his execution.

The victim was on parole despite having a conviction precisely for belonging to a criminal organization and drug trafficking for the previous hit on the Dominican mafia that the Guardia Urbana and Mossos carried out in 2021.