Absolute chaos on the second day of the PGA of Golf that is being held in Louisville, Kentucky. The American golfer Scottie Scheffler, world number 1, has been arrested by the police at the gates of the Valhalla Golf Club, apparently for skipping the police checkpoint.

There are still many unknowns surrounding the incident that occurred early in the morning after a fatal collision occurred. A bus fatally struck a pedestrian while crossing the street near the main entrance to the golf club.

Scheffler, who was not involved in the accident, had apparently evaded police control for unknown reasons. The officers stopped him and he stopped his vehicle before entering the club. An agent yelled at him to get out of his car, pushed him against the vehicle and took him away handcuffed before the astonished gaze of onlookers and journalists who recorded the surreal moment.

Scheffler’s current whereabouts are unknown and, according to ESPN, he has already been released. The world number 1 is scheduled to participate in the second day of the PGA this morning.