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I share this photograph in La Vanguardia’s Readers’ Photos, taken in Roses, from one of the small breakwaters in this town, where people usually come to enjoy the sunsets.

On this occasion, the sky gave us a wonderful decoration when it took on the colors of fire and these were reflected in the sea.

An immense cloud was the protagonist of a beautiful candlelight. This phenomenon usually attracts attention because it is very striking, like on this occasion, when it makes us go from a sad cloud to a spectacle of colors.

The saying in Catalan that says “cel rogent pluja o vent” is also known. And, precisely, today it is expected to rain. I hope the proverb comes true, since here, in Alt Empordà, we really need it.

The candilazo is a meteorological phenomenon in which the clouds in the sky show a wide palette of colors that ranges from pink to the most intense orange.

As part of the phenomenon of dispersion of sunlight, in the morning and afternoon hours, when the sun is closer to the horizon, the light that reaches the Earth is soft tones between red and orange.