The influencer Georgina Rodríguez has returned to Spain and has visited the Antena 3 talk show, El Hormiguero. The couple of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is in one of its best moments. She has a new life in the United Arab Emirates, after the signing of the soccer player for her new team. Her presence in Spain is due to the premiere of the new season of her docu-reality, Soy Georgina.

The first installment of the documentary, which could be seen on the American platform Netflix, was positioned in the Top 10 of 62 countries, making clear the great success that he had as soon as he trained. In this second season we will be able to see much more of his life with his five children and his partner.

The presenter began the interview praising the great success that this project has had. ”I am very global,” said the guest. Georgina told her that she has three new tattoos and that we will be able to see in the chapters the reason for those tattoos. One of them was a drawing that Cristiano Ronaldo gave him.

After this answer, Pablo took the opportunity to ask the influencer what they give each other, since they have everything. She said that this year her partner gave her her time. ”My birthday always coincides with matches and I spend very few birthdays with him,” she explained. The presenter wanted to know what she gives him. ”It’s not very materialistic, we’re not very materialistic,” she said. She ended up confessing that she had given him three cars. ”I don’t give him any more,” she said.

The influencer’s statement that neither she nor Cristiano are materialists has completely revolutionized social networks. The followers of the program who were commenting on the program’s interview on Twitter did not agree with that statement, after Georgina told El Hormiguero of the million-dollar gifts that have been made between them.

”Cristiano is not a materialist… I have given him 3 cars”, ”Imagine at what level they are to say that Cristiano is not a materialist”, ”Yes Georgina thank goodness you are not a materialist it shows”, are some of the comments.

Undoubtedly, a few words that will give a lot to talk about between now and the second season of I’m Georgina premieres next Friday, March 24 on Netflix. A docu-reality in which we can see and learn much more about the life of the influencer.