The former general secretary of the PP Teodoro García Egea has announced this Thursday his withdrawal from politics and the resignation of his seat in Congress. He has done so just three hours after publicly presenting his book ‘Cryptoeconomics’. He will continue as a member of the PP, but in civil society. The decision to leave his minutes in the Lower House comes just over a year after his departure from the General Secretariat of the PP after the deep internal crisis within the party that ended with the leadership of Pablo Casado.

The former ‘number two’ of the PP and deputy for Murcia Teodoro García Egea has decided to turn to blockchain technology and bitcoins with the publication of his book ‘Criptoeconomy’. The work was presented this Thursday at the offices of LID Editorial, in an act in which he was accompanied by the former Minister of Labor Manuel Pimentel, editor of Editorial Almuzara.

On February 22, 2022, García Egea – who has held a seat in Congress since the 2011 general elections – presented his resignation as number two of the PP, after months of confrontation between the national leadership led by Pablo Casado and the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Last July, the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo awarded García Egea with the presidency of the Road Safety Commission of Congress but has chosen to remain in the background. In fact, he has declined to make public statements on the one year anniversary of the PP crisis.

After passing through the General Secretariat of the PP, García Egea has returned to the technology sector and combines his parliamentary work with talks and conferences on technology, both nationally and internationally.

With ‘Cryptoeconomy’, the author seeks for citizens to understand what blockchain is, how cryptocurrencies really work, what an NFT is really for or why you should have an electronic wallet, as reported by the editorial.

In addition, the book aims to help with the steps that must be taken to “not be left behind in the face of this technological and financial revolution” and includes a chapter entitled: “Tips to get started in cryptoeconomics and decentralized finance”, with several levels: initiation; medium level; advanced; and professional.

García Egea is a doctor in Telecommunications Engineering and developed his doctoral thesis in the field of artificial intelligence. He is an expert in blockchain technology, cryptoeconomics and decentralized finance (DeFi) and in 2012 the European Commission awarded one of his initiatives with the European Energy Award and the College of Telecommunications Engineers distinguished him as Engineer of the year in 2021.