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From the urban scarecrow to the super palm trees… In La Vanguardia’s Readers’ Photos we can see a summary of ten curious images, of complaints or with a message collected this week in The Reader’s Mailbox.

I share these photographs taken in the Almudena cemetery in Madrid, in which you can see how, despite the signs that indicate “for safety reasons, do not step on the graves”, the cats climb on them, because they do not know how to read. or he doesn’t go with them. A large colony resides in this place in the company of those who rest in peace there.

In this photograph we see a cyclist riding with impunity on the sidewalk of Fontanella Street at 2 p.m. full of pedestrians. Sample of the results of the Pla Endreça announced by Mayor Collboni to regulate and reduce incivility.

As can be seen in the photo, the land located between Avenida Litoral and Nova Mar Bella beach and between Selva de Mar and Bac de Roda streets in Barcelona, ​​is occupied by numerous tents surrounded by dirt and trash. It is incomprehensible the appearance that our city has offered for months in such a visited place. Trying to find a solution for the people staying there, I hope that our City Council immediately vacates said land and proceeds to clean it.

I share this beautiful photo because of a curious fact that reminds me of the ephemeral nature of life: in this case, this flower lasts a couple of hours, then it gets sad and collapses.

I share this image of the Barcelona skyline, seen from below.

I show this photograph taken in the Gurri river in Vic near the Cantarell lock, where an uncontrolled dumping of tires has occurred. It seems to be according to some neighbors, around 30, who have already mentioned it to the Rural Agents.

Stroll through the corners of Montjuïc in May. A festival of light, colors and aromas. The place of the photo: Sot del Migdia, on the path of L’Esparver.

The Bellvitge hospital is infested with cigarette butts, both within the hospital premises, where smoking is prohibited, and at its entrances, where it is prohibited to throw any object onto public roads according to municipal regulations.

Jaume Capdevila, Kap, ninotaire of La Vanguardia, participated with a presentation on the Carlist-themed drawings of Josep Maria de Martín at the VIII Symposium on Carlism organized by the Avià Study Center, in Berguedà). At the end of the presentations, Kap dedicated a copy of the book to the Berga Library. The lady who appears in some of his photographs is Fina Sala, director of said Library. He is the author of a four-hand novel with Gabriel Ferrater, of an issue of Dau al Set dedicated to Patum.

This is what the façade of the Banc Sabadell tower in Barcelona looks like, with a canvas covering its sign but with a clear blue sky. Perhaps it is a simile of how the bank’s shareholders will have to decide on the hostile takeover of BBVA, with the certainty of remaining alone or dissolving the entity and forever eliminating the homonymous brand that has given its name to the bank for more than a century. bank.