The Civil Guard has arrested four people as allegedly responsible for the murder of a migrant who was thrown into the sea, along with six other crew members, when they were traveling on a boat that was about to reach a beach in Caños de Meca (Barbate, Cádiz ) on October 21.

In a statement, the Civil Guard has explained that these arrests have occurred within the framework of an operation called ‘Inbalu/Lonas,’ and the four detainees are charged with crimes of homicide, against the rights of foreign citizens and against public health because That boat was being used to transport drugs.

The events occurred at two in the afternoon on October 21 when the Civil Guard received notice that there were seven people in the water trying to reach the shore after having been thrown into the sea from a recreational boat used to traffic drugs. .

When the agents arrived, they were able to save the lives of six of them, but one ended up dying, at which point the operation was activated to try to find the people who had thrown them into the water.

The investigations linked this event with several failed drug stashes, such as a previous one in the fishing port of Barbate, where numerous burlap bales of hashish appeared, which facilitated the identification of the wanted people.

On November 19, Civil Guard agents carried out five entries and home searches, in addition to one on the suspicious recreational boat, which had a wide deployment of several units and allowed the arrest of four people.

This investigation precedes another, which remains active, to try to identify those responsible for throwing around thirty migrants from a boat into the water last week in Camposoto (San Fernando) and Sancti Petri (Chiclana), which caused the death of four people.

In this case, a drug boat was used to transport people, and it is being investigated whether the one that appeared two days later in Sancti Petri was the same one used for that trip that ended in tragedy.